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Prestige is one of the most important values of today. Consequently, the fact that education is also prestigious has become a subject…


One of the most preferred international education programs by students is master program. In particular, UK is one of the most preferred countries due to 1 year of master programs. In addition to trainings such as business, economics and management, they can be master in many departments. However, it is necessary to fulfill certain requirements in order to be accepted from these departments. Other than the documents taken from the school must have a GPA and a language proficiency certificate. In addition, extra preparations for these programs will always contribute. This mini master program prepares students for master  degree programs abroad. This training is a master preparation program and is provided to students with a distance education system. so you can have the freedom to view these trainings anytime and anywhere. Thanks to these trainings, you can get training from our expert lecturers and prepare for master programs

Quick Doctorate

The students who have completed the master program gain the right to apply to doctoral programs (PhD program)  Nowadays, many people prefer Europe to  doctoral education , especially UK. Our university provides mini doctoral education as a preparatory program for those who want to do a doctorate. You have the opportunity to reach these trainings you have received with our distance education  anytime  and anywhere.  Therefore, you are free in terms of time and location in education. PhD programs may require preliminary preparation due to their heavy content. Therefore, there are many students who are in need of preparation. Mini-PhD education prepares students for their preferred programs. For the students who work at the same time, the distance education system provides great convenience.  In addition, it has been proved that the people who have been trained in the field are more successful in their doctorate program and have a faster scholarship.