Hypnosis enables you to connect with the 90% of your mind that is subconscious, where your whole life is recorded. That’s where habits take hold. Think of it like riding a bicycle. When experiences, messages, and influences in our lives are repeated, they tend to result in the formation of habits. Habits can be very positive, very negative, or anywhere in between. Hypnosis can help get rid of unwanted habits by removing them from your subconscious mind.

The very best way to learn hypnosis is to read up on the subject. Do some research, and see if you can locate a respected trainer near you. Then attend the course. I recommend that you attend a course by an instructor that also provides you will audio and video hypnosis training materials that will supplement what you learned in the course. For example, most of our students, in addition to attending the live course, make sure that they get the video version of the course so that they can take it home and review the material. I also have video, audio and written materials for specialized topics in the profession of hypnosis. When you learn hypnosis in one of our courses, you can also lean hypnotherapy techniques for helping people stop smoking, lose weight, overcome fears, increase motivation, and much more.

Learning hypnosis is now easier than ever! You can learn hypnosis, including the inductions, and other techniques just by turning on your computer and going on the Internet!