Family counselling


Family counseling is the solution of the problems among the family members, all family members or a few family members with the participation of the family counselor to solve, the existing problems in the family communication, rules, roles, closeness, understanding, trust, self-control, problem solving basic process of assistance. The aim of family counseling is to provide support to family members on issues such as interpersonal problems experienced in the family, death, chronic disease affecting the whole family, separation of a family member from home. Family counseling has clear and clear objectives. The aim is to provide solutions to the problems of the family, as well as to provide new skills that will make it easier for the family members to understand each other better and provide clear and flexible boundaries.


  • Family structure
  • Being a Family
  • Development Areas
  • Youth Period
  • Adaptation Problems
  • Adaptation Problems in Elderly
  • Children’s Rights and Law
  • Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Problems Affecting Couple Relationship
  • Social Case Data
  • Therapeutic Process and Pioneering Approaches in Family Counseling
  • Postmodern Approaches in Family Counseling
  • Evidence-Based Approaches in Family Counseling
  • Basic Psychological Counseling Skills
  • Crisis and Crisis Management in Family Counseling
  • Professional Ethics
  • Research Techniques
  • Supervision in Family Counseling / Case Presentation